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Thrice plays “Anthology” for their last song during their last show maybe ever (I hope not)

Surprisingly awesome video footage here. Can’t wait for the live DVD of this show.

Watching this feels like I am watching the last scene of Six Feet Under where they play Sia’s “Breathe Me” and it’s just the biggest tearjerker. My face has turned into Niagara Falls. What the fuck is happening to me? Luckily, I am home alone right now from work so nobody can see this shit.

Held it together, for the most part, until they played this song.

(via fuckyeahthrice)

Day 29: Your Favorite Group Shot
(Seeing Thrice tonight/tomorrow night!) 

Day 29: Your Favorite Group Shot

(Seeing Thrice tonight/tomorrow night!) 

Day 28: What You Hope The Next Thrice Album Will Sound Like

I hope there is another Thrice album! At this point, I don’t know what to expect from Thrice. I hope they will come together in the future and create more music together. As to what it will sound like, who knows?! I would simply be happy to have some more Thrice in my future.

Day 27: Song That Has Been Overplayed At Concerts- Deadbolt

As rad as this video is and as good as the song is, they play it all the time. People always ask for it, and I personally feel it is overplayed. People just need to get over it. They have so many other songs that are just as sick.

Day 26: Favorite B-Side- Answered (Beggars)